13116108_10209345560341935_6748938101352053802_o    Contact Me: devra.hock@huskers.unl.edu

Currently, I’m pursuing my Master’s in Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Dr. Ross Secord. While at UNL, I continued and expanded my undergraduate research looking at vertebrate species richness across the Miocene-Pliocene boundary at Lothagam in the Turkana Basin, Kenya. I recently presented a poster at SVP and will be presenting an oral presentation at GSA in October. I am also working on my thesis to build a multi-proxy model from modern North American mammals.

In December 2015, I graduated Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science, Magma Cum Laude, in Earth Sciences with a concentration in Paleontology. I also graduated with an Honor’s degree and a minor in Museum Studies. During my time associated with MSU, I’ve worked three field seasons at Egg Mountain with Jack Horner and David Varricchio and I am currently doing prep work in the Museum of the Rockies’ paleontology lab for Jack. Even before I started MSU, I was invited by Frankie Jackson to be an intern of MSU’s MSSE Field Class. In 2013, I was in the last group to be a part of MSU’s Department of Earth Sciences International Research Experience for Students trip to Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China where we spent 5 weeks doing research in dinosaur eggs with the Zhejiang Natural History Museum. As a follow-up from our research conducted on Dictyoolithus eggs, I applied and received a USP grant to continue research on samples we brought back from China. I finished an internship at MOR this summer and fall for my Museum Studies minor that culminated in a research project which I presented at SVP in Dallas and an oral presentation at GSA in Baltimore.


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