Inspire Just One Productions

Inspire Just One is home to a variety of content where all fields of STEAM are discussed with the excitement of fans and the knowledge of scientists.

I am the co-host on the The SauraPODcast, and I serve as a co-writer, script editor, and scientific fact-checker for the TheSaurus Thesaurus videos. New content is currently being produced. 

In the mean time, please enjoy our podcast show, The SauraPODcast, where we explore and discuss topics of science communication, paleontology, geology and other fields of earth and natural sciences. We also have a watch-along series where we watch and riff on films that involve paleontology or earth sciences and discuss what they get right and, more often, horribly wrong. 

Visit us on Spotify, Google Podcasts or directly on Anchor to find our backdated season and first season podcasts. 

You can find all our content and more information here: