Summer 2021

2021 was the summer of camps. I started off with the NE based all-girls STEAM camp, Camp Summergold, for a week. I had a blast being a counselor and watching the girls enjoy both science and engineering activities and typical camp fun like arts and craft, archery, music, and high ropes course.

From there, I went on to be an assistant instructor for the Sternberg Museum out of Fort Hays State University for their high school Colorado Dinosaur Field Trip. It was a sort of road trip/highlights of the major dinosaur sites of northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah. We visited Dinosaur National Monument, Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, Dinosaur Ridge, and other museums, practically following the Dinosaur Diamond Freeway (yes, that’s a real thing). We ended our trip with a visit to the Denver Natural History Museum and Denver Zoo. The students got to meet a lot of professional paleontologists and got a feel for longer camping and hiking trips.

Group picture overlooking the Red Rocks behind Dinosaur Ridge, CO.
Group getting a tour of Gaston Studios in Fruita, CO.
Dinosaur trackways at Dinosaur Ridge, CO.

After getting back from the field, I taught a high school virtual camp with the Sternberg Museum, focusing on Permian Paleontology. We looked at geology, modern analogs, changing climates and ecosystems, how to make a stratigraphic column, and how to read scientific papers.

Two Dimetrodon models in front of our Permian GatherTown environment. The GatherTown area was based on the Karoo Basin in Africa to represent geologic formations throughout the Permian.

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