Israel 2019

In February of 2019, I got the amazing chance to travel to Israel as part of an international research group interested in the nature of science being portrayed in natural history museums. We met in Jerusalem to work on a manuscript introducing the concept and discussing how nature of science could be included in museums. We also visited the Bloomfield Science Center in Jerusalem, the Nature Park and Galleries Open Air Museum on Hebrew University’s campus, and the Steinhardt Natural History Museum in Tel Aviv, which has its own Zoology Museum. At each museum, we got the chance to talk with some of the staff about how they develop their exhibits.


A section of the open-air museum on Hebrew University campus, Jerusalem.
The Zoological Museum with the Steinhardt Museum in the background.
The front of the Steinhardt Museum, designed to look like Noah’s Ark.
An exhibit inside the Steinhardt, showing human impacts on the geography and landscape of Israel.

SVP 2017!

Started the school year off with SVP in Calgary, AB! As always, reconnected with old friends, made some new ones, and generally had a blast!! Also presented my own research and got to hear about other new research over the past year.


Phoenix Update!

After settling in back home, I’ve begun volunteering at Arizona Museum of Natural History!

I’m working on cataloguing mammal bones that the museum is assimilating from the collection they received from NAU. I’m working on fossils from the Bighorn Cave. Most of the fossils are from Ovis canadensis, or commonly known as bighorn sheep.


One degree down!! December 12, 2015 was the commencement ceremony for MSU’s Fall 2015 graduates. I now officially have my Bachelors of Science in Earth Sciences with an Honor’s Distinction Degree and a minor in Museum Studies. And of course I decorated my cap with a T-Rex. More pictures will come as the chaos from moving settles and they get downloaded from various cameras.